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Healing Is A Holistic Process Resolved In A 4 Tier Approach

Physical / Emotional

Accelerate your physical, mental and emotional well being to powerful levels.  Awaken your internal self-healing power to lead a more successful and productive life.


Heal your own heart to understand no one else can really make you happy.  Discover 3 keys to find, keep, and deeply experience a phenomenal relationship.


Learn the #1 secret to find and fix whatever limits and destroys your money, prosperity and relationships.  Discover techniques to heal your body, weight, money and relationship issues.

Rebuilt Success

Break the cycles of uncertainty, instability and the costly mistakes blocking your true happiness and success.  Eliminate a lifetime of stress programming that builds up and destroys your body and life.

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See How We Have Changed People’s Lives

I had been suffering with mass headaches for two years – within a few short weeks my headaches were gone, never to return. If there was such a thing as a modern day miracle worker – Dr. Lehrer would be it. I highly, highly recommend his practice to anyone.

Terry St. Martin

Rohnert Park, California

The mind-body connection remains an awesome mystery to be, but the magnificent reality of the way Dr. Doug’s CRT puts is all together is manifested in my new body and sense of aliveness. I no longer need glasses at age 68!

Marilyn Larkin

San Rafael, California

I was addicted to pain pills for 7 years – including morphine. Dr. Doug helped me heal the pain completely, and easily get off all the drugs. My body feels really good now, lots of energy, great sleep – and I feel really good about myself for the first time in my life!

Jonathan M.

Sonoma, California

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